The Agar.io Game The increase and development of technology has changed the profile of people having a good time. Almost every person now has a smartphone. People can easily access information and entertainment whenever they want. With the increase in technology, developments in the virtual world began to gather people's understanding of good time. Many games in the virtual world are now people's new entertainment. Especially because people have fast access to these games, they can play whenever they want. In this article we will talk about Agar.io which is one of these games. This game, which has been played by millions of people around the world since its entry into the game market, is still being played today. The basic logic of the game is simple and effective at the same time makes it very easy to play. People do not spend any time to play or learn this game. As soon as you enter the game, you are immediately informed about the game. Already by reading our article you can understand immediately what to do in the game. The game Agar.io was designed in 2015 by a Brazilian student. This 19-year-old friend presented his game to the Web, causing people to play. It is still a game today. Since the game has a 2-dimensional graphic structure, your device does not use much power to play the game. I don't even think he's spending it. The most beautiful part of the game to be online so that you can enjoy the game by playing multiplayer, not singles. By visiting our site you can also play Agar.io game and you can spend pleasant minutes or even hours. We will talk about the game of Agar.io in the next stage of our article, but I would like to offer you this warning. Whichever game you play, never be addicted. How to Play Agar.io? Since Agar.io is built on a very simple logic, you won't waste any time understanding and playing the game. You start the game with a sphere of your own. Initially this sphere of yours is of a standard size and then grow in your hands. Your main goal in the game is to have the biggest globe in the game, taking care of your other opponents. Because the game is a Web-based game you can play on our website. The gameplay of the game comes with the classic finger orientation. You determine which direction your sphere will go with your finger gestures or your mouse. The only thing you should pay attention to is to escape from the spheres that are larger than your sphere. If you can't escape, you can be the bait of another player. Likewise, if you encounter a smaller sphere than your own sphere, you can grow it faster and take your opponent out of the game. In Agar.io, the leader factor is the biggest factor that increases competition. When you visit our site to start the game will ask you a "nick name". The name you type here can also cause other players to read forward. If you can make it to the top 15 in the game. Other players in the game will read your name. This is quite exciting. When you come to our site to play Agar.io you will be greeted by a simple game screen. After giving the name of your sphere, you can start the game with the "play" button. You can also access the leaderboard immediately. Multiple modes are available in the game if you want to be included in a team. So you can increase your chances of leadership even further. You can activate the desired game mode by clicking on the "select" menu on the game screen and start the game at any time. If you want to have a pleasant time with Agar.io game you are waiting for you on our website. agario - agario unblocked - AgarioHUB


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